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Friday, October 15, 2010

London coordinate catch up

It's Friday and that means coordinate catch up time!
Just, this time, it's London edition!
I know I should have done this (two) months ago, but better late than never.

Aug. 26
Getting a plane at 11'30 and then arriving to London at 2am to a hostel room full of people you don't know, isn't the best welcome you'd wish, but I was in London, it was raining and I was happy! (despite spending 10pounds on a taxi since the underground was closed...)

Aug. 27
You can't see much of the outfit in the puri, but at least you can see the hair c: (which always cames out weird in my drawings D:)
Picnic+Hyde park+ASDA day! (Never said anything here, but since last year's trip to Manchester, I'm a super big ASDA fan).

Aug. 28
The dot tights I got in H&M before leaving, they're so cool! (but I don't know where they are now D: I put them in the washing basket and they're lost now XD).
I got two pair of tights, one had big dots, the other had smaller dots. Love love love them very much!
The shirt was a school project where we had to create a t-shirt design then print it on a t-shirt (or whatever kind of top piece of clothing you wanted). Mine was an ice-cream surrounded by space invaders.

Aug. 29
Big hair yay! But my hair's so thin, and the weather was so humid, and even using hairspray, after a few hours my hair was down again... But well, i was happy while it lasted!
Plus, got to wear the headband Mayuko gave me ♥ it's so pretty!

Aug. 30
I know you've seen this coordinate already, but I wore this twice, and since Mako was kind enought to do this drawing for me, I had to post it again ♥ I reeeally love it!
I wish I was as (natural) blonde as she drew me! haha
This was also the Notting hill carnival day! uh-hu! So I had to dress pretty c:

Sep. 1
Wore the same outfit the first and last day, this just means less hassle since it's just traveling day.
Got to go to Banglatown that day (the area is SO pretty!), and since my Reflex run out of batteries the day before I took my werlissa (well, my grandma's more-than-30-yo analogue werlissa) and a roll of film and took about 24 pictures arround there! hehe
So when I get the time to go and develop them myself (which I love) I'll post them here. Don't know when that will be though.
On the departing day I even got to see Scott Pilgrim vs the world! It's like, the second best movie this year (first, of course, was "A single man"), awesome!. I got introduced to the comics by a friend, and liked them very much, and the movie was true to the comic so lovex2!

Every coordinate ended up pretty much as my original intentions, just, I forgot to bring the black shirt I drew here, but well, my suitcase was full enough already and I did get some clothes during my trip too, so it was ok ahha

I also took some secret snapshots of people (shyness too much?), so expect a snapshot catch up post from London too.