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I've been posting several links in this blog so far, so to make it easier for people, I'm collecting them all here, so it's easier to find anything you want.

* Means they're new
** Means they've been reuploaded (if you want anything reup, look at the bottom of this page)

Choki girls April 2011

Figaro June 2011



StreetStyle Magazines
Street 12/08
Street 10/10

Hair Magazines 
Tomotomo September 2010
Tomotomo October 2010
Tomotomo November 2010
Tomotomo September 2011*
Tomotomo October 2011*

Crochette guide (will make a post about this soon)

Meg's "Secret adventure"**
Meg's "Grey"**

Barbie friend book
Excercice pages from various magazines* (once reuploading the file, I realised I didn't have the original one anymore, so I collected new pages from magazines, thus this file contains new stuff)
Moko moko wallpapers**
Moko moko's cat wallpapers
Firework wallpapers from this entry  
Cute pictures from London's oyster stickers from this entry
Hair inspiration pages from random magazines from this entry 

If you think I missed any link or you're looking for something and can't find it, don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email at yumepony at gmail dot com

Important note: most of the files stop working because nobody uses them for a period of time. Since everything in here is uploaded to "public" sites (mediafire, filefactory) and not my personal server, you can use this download in your site, or send it to anyone you want. As long as they keep being used, they'll never die. (whoa, ain't I the poet!)