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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tsumori Chisato mook

I saw it a few weeks ago and fell in love completely with it, so I had to share!
I'm posting some of the pages I liked the most, but if you want to download the whole thing, you can do it here. Or go to my download page to find more past yumminess.


Isn't this cake awesome! They even included a how-to in the mook.

The clothes look so baggy, but still, love the prints!

20th anniversary t-shirt, I just love the hand-drawn design.

I'll let the images talk for themselves...

Just wow♥

For me, this three images are like a perfect mix of calssy-ness and fun. You can dress-up with clothes like those and not look too childish.

Knit♥knit♥knit♥ I'm so glad knit is one of the biggest trends this year! I can find it everywhere in all shapes and colors♥

I don't thinkmy words were much needed this time, since this is just an extraordinary collection. You can all tell your friends from now on that Sasa is a big Tsumori Chisato fan!