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Sunday, September 19, 2010

London post: Notting hill carnival. Pic spam.

Well, it was about time I talked about London again!
This time is a post full of photography, so I hope I don't bore you! Next one, I promise, will be about coordinates c:

So, the thing is, three days before leaving, I was at my last hostel when this guy in the same room as me (oh yeah, hostels are great) said something about some party in Notting Hill, which, eventually, Mako and I found out it was Notting Hill's (and Europe's biggest) carnival.

Well, it was really fun, all the music and great costumes, and the dancing and all. But it took us one hour to get out of there! So many people there...

Our lunch there!
Plus, Victoria line was closed, most of the tube exits were closed too... Hell, I tell you, it was hell XD

Also, I ran out of batteries and memory (yep, almost at the same time), so I have no pictures of the whole thing, neither the afterwards.

Anyways, one picture's worth a hundred words.
Remember that you can see any pic bigger just clicking on them

Awesome custom sneakers are awesome!

I think these two are my fav pics from the whole set!

Cool policeman are cool. The funny thing is that people kept asking these guys to take pics with them.

So beautiful!

I swear this old lady is smiling! XD

Phew, that was more than 50 pics! Hope you enjoyed them!
Final words: I've never seen so many butts and tits toghether in a single day, and I live in Spain... haha