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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Purikuras make your life prettier.

Phew~ I said I was back, but I haven't been posting anything since the giveaway entry. Damn internet connection! haha Been without it for two days!
So, first post about London will be about something cute.

Like purikuras and drawings.
The reason behind my London trip was Laura's birthday, and she was celebrating it in London this year, so obviously I had to go.

And we went to chinatown to take some purikuras. There are a few puri machines there, but only one is japanese (but 12 pounds per sheet! D:). The others are just a booth with a digital camera and a computer (bleh D:).

Birthday girl is the Ruki-wannabe♥ Or the girl with the golden ribbon. Say happy birthday to her! She's an oldie already!

This girls left two days before me, so I had time to meet with Mako, and took some puris too!♥

She even had the time to draw a mini me! ;A; cutest thing on earth! I'm so in love with this drawing I couldn't stop looking at it while I was waiting for my flight at the airport!

Real coordinate aha~n

I've gotta say we went to a lot of places in just two days, and we also bought a lot... orz So yeah, expect a post about what I got in London!

I also got my tokyo by Eloise Rapp from the people at 5am je t'aime (thank you so much again!) a few days ago, so I'll be doing a review of it soon. But I've already took a good look at it and can tell you it's great!