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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Carolina Glaser winter colection

Carolina Glaser has been advertising on their (staff and MEG's) blog and twitter their new collection for winter.
Again, neither MEG or the staff has said anything about how MEG's leave for Paris would affect the brand (as long as I know, since I can't read japanese that well), but that hasn't stopped them, since they've been showing us new pieces and coordinates for next fall.

More info about the brand on her blog and the staff's blogs.
To purchase, or browse the full catalog, visit their oficial home page.

Well, the first pic talks for itself. Is there anything prettier out there?

Hi there Tirol!

Aren't the pants awesome? I think they look so comfy, but at the same time serious (as in, you could wear them for work, for example)

I'm kinda in love with these shoes. I wouldn't mind getting them.

Lovelovelovelovelove. And those shoes too.

Last words from MEG: now go and buy something for Sasa!

I think winter is the season for black (slims your figure, keeps you warmer than white, blah blah blah). But I still prefer lighter colors. From a few years back I've been trying to avoid black as much as I can. I still have a few pieces though, it comes in handy from time to time. But I think lighter colors make you happier and brightens your mood. Plus, they're easier to contrast with other clothes, making each piece and its details more visible.

As well as Japan is known for its hot summers, it's also known for its cold winters (and I can agree with that), thus this colection looks really comfortable and wearable for next winter.
Overall impression: I love this colection. I had the money, there would be few pieces I wouldn't buy.

Your thoughts on it? Mori enought? You don't care for this kind of clothes?