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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mika Ninagawa, colors everywhere.

Mika Ninagawa is a very popular japanese photographer. Her work is colorful, vivid, cheerful... It surely has something very caracteristic in itself.

She's worked with celebrties such as Anna Tsuchiya and Chiaki Kuriyama, also for magazines such as Cutie, So-en, big names such as Tsumori Chisato and Issey Miyake. And this just to name a few. So she's a really recognized name in Japan. And when you see her photographs, you understand why.
There's not much more words can say about this artist's amazing work, so I'm leaving you with her recent photoshoot for Spoon (more downloads here) and a few more random shots.

For the rest of the photoshot download the magazine

Anna Tsuchiya

I remember falling in love with Chiaki Kuriyama's photobook a couple of years ago. It recreated a few popular fairytale, western and japanese ones, but didn't know about the photographer yet.

Yeah, Chiaki Kuriyama is amazing♥

She also does nature and animal photography, and it's as full of color as her fashion photography!

As I said, really worth visiting her whole gallery for more amazing shots, and also to read her bio.

All this is such big inspiration! I love colors (even if my drawings are mostly b&w), she makes me feel like painting with oils and acrylics in canvas! haha Maybe I'll try again soon!

Talking about other things, I can finally say it since I already booked the flights yesterday...
I'm going to London on the 26th! This is SO great!
It's been a couple of years since I went to London for the last time, and i can't wait!
SO, I want recommendations please!
I'll be a bit busy the first three days, but after that, I'll have a couple of days for myself, so I want interesting places to go! I've already been to the must-see places (big-ben, parliament, etc) so just pretty things!
So, any cool place, shops, museums, galleries, anything, I'm pretty open, so any suggestion is very welcome!