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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coordinate catch up #2

I've decided to make the coordinate catch up post weekly. This means you can expect a coordinate post every Friday c:
Also, as I've said a couple of times, I also like to cook. Well, more like I like to eat yummy things, thus I had to learn how to cook. This means I'll start to draw simple cooking recipes about yummy things I like, and I hope I can post them every Wednesday too. Hope I can keep up and that you all like it c:

Anyways, here we go with this past few days coordinates!

Sunday 18th. First one is from my friend's birthday party at her uncle's pool. It was in a place hidden in the woods... so hard to find! XD But we got there safely, so it was alright. I had my h&m floral onepi, flip-flops, pastel leopard bikini underneath, bag from Primark and my scarf-headband.
Monday 19th. Next day I had to go with my grandma to the hospital, since she was having minor surgery that day. Had to stay in the hospital all night thought. My outfit was pretty simple, but since I had lots of time, I drew it: braided fringe, Stradivarius t-shirt, h&m lace skirt and Blanco flats.

Friday 26th. I had a job interview and had to go fetch Mayuko at the airport that day. So I was running arround all the time that day! haha
Since I had a job interview, I decided to go a little (just a little!) formal. Blue oysho dress plus new cardi from Mango plus my Blanco-chanel flats. And my new necklace from Primark. yay.

Went to Parc Güell and had to be comfortable. So just wore a simple T-shirt, green shorts and sneakers with white socks. Plus, my EOS 350D and 2l of water. And my magnificient giraffe sunglasses.

August 3rd. This was a couple of days ago. My parents are going on vacation to Santiago de Compostela starting this Sunday and my sister went to my aunt's today, so we had dinner at a japanese restaurant to kinda say goodbye, haha. (That also was a personal celebration since the house is mine for a week! yay!)
I wore my purple on the sleeves Listen Flavor t-shirt (haven't been wearing anything from LF for a while! what's with me!) with my hight waisted checkered skirt from H&M (which I love to death). Plus Blanco flats and simple hair.

And these are just a couple of hairstyles i think are perfect for summer. Cute, stylish and fresh tehee.
Well, I know this is a bad escuse, but I just wanted to post this last drawing...