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Friday, July 30, 2010

Back from hiatus and sad MEG news

I'm finally back! How's everyone been? Have you had a nice week? I surely did!
Mayuko went back to Japan on Wednesday, but I got laaazy and decided to take the whole week off! haha
She got me some super cute presents, so I'm going to post about them tomorrow, 'cos I feel pretty bad for leaving you all for so long u,u

And just after Mayuko left, I got to finish my dad's painitng since I had to give it to him a few hours ago, today's his birthday! He's already a 50 years old man!

Sorry for the non photoshoped pics. I have no excuse, really.

Onto other things, I know some of you like MEG, some of you don't know much about her, and the rest haven't heard about her until this point.
Well, she's a singer/designer I really like and admire. She's got a lot of talent and is a person who stands for her own principles and a really integral person, as she recently has shown.

In this post, you can read a translated version of her own entry, were she explains she needs to take a break from everything.
As she says, her hobby, her dream has become work, which means she's not enjoying what she's doing anymore, so to not let her passion fade, she's taking some time for herself, she'll be leaving for Paris this spring in order to get new ideas and new inspirations (And yes, the idea of staying in Paris for a while this spring has crossed my mind... haha).

Her birthday party live in Puroland will be her last performance until who knows when. It hasn't been said what she'll do once she's back, since she's leaving her current label. She herself doesn't know yet. Nothing has been said about Carolina Glaser either.

I really hope the best for her, and I wish for her to fully charge her batteries and do a fierce come back.

Edit she recieved lots of fan mail and positive feedback after that post. Original post here.

Btw, I kinda hate that Lykke Li did a song for the new Twilight movie...