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Monday, July 12, 2010

I want to sleep, but I should do a coordinate catch up.

It's Oh SO hot right now! I can't even go outside! I wanted to go out with a friend this afternoon and I just emailed her to tell her to meet up later...

But don't we worry about that now. I'm planning to post about my super healthy (more or less...) and super yummy (that's true) recipe from yesterday's dinner. Since it's so hot, I've lost a bit of appetite, but I found something that's tempting even when it's so hot.
So if I have the strengh this afternoon when I come back, I'll draw it and post it tomorrow. If not... uhuhu I'll improvise something.

Now! Coordinate catch up! It's been a while since I did a coordinate post.

I have to help a friend with his university papers.

Twhis was today's coordinate. Simple white camisole, short jeans, a brown messenger bag and my chanel-like flats. Super comfy for a super hot day.
What I'm holding in my right hand is a panda pai-pai I got from a friend a couple of years ago or so. I's so cute! x3

I also went to a super duper yummy bar (not your typical bar tho) to give my CV, so, while I try to make a living out of ilustration and the likes, I hope I get to work there.. It'd be SO cool! I love that place! (and I know my mum would be there almost everyday, since she loves it too).

Forgot to draw the flower pin I was wearing in my hair! D:

It's hot and I'm melting.

This was my coordinate for that day full of lives.
It was hot too, and brought my panda pai-pai with me thehe.

Also, remember all I got when the sales? Here I'm sporting my new scarf as a headband (I can't believe how in love I'm with a scarf), my doggie t-shirt and my flower shorts. So happy!

Also, hanging I have my canon EOS-350D and my now inseparable brown messenger bag.

In my feet, my flowered wedges. Think I haven't shown them here yet. Ok, *takes note* do some post with all my sunglasses and all the shoes I own that haven't appeared here yet.

I almost got another scarf to use as a headband today at H&M. I'm getting super addicted!

Super straight hair that day because of my mum's hair straightener and all the hoteness and sweating. doh.
Camping weekend.

Went with a friend to her parent's camping place (been there thousand of times before when we were like, 16 or so).

Wore this SUPER big t-shirt I got at H&M for 4€, plus my flower shorts.

Sunglasses with giraffe print on it (ain't it amazing!) and beach bag with a very retro print from Primark (3€!!).

Just wore flip-flops, since we were all the time in the camping, then some beach, then home again.

I like sales coordinate.

Pretty self explanatory.
Went sale hunt, wore a baggy t-shirt with my miumiu-like shorts.
(How are these short shorts that are high waisted called? uhmm)

Again, with my flower wedges as my feet companion.

Plus, an eco bag I got about... a year or two ago, but forgot about it since it broke. Now I sewed it again, so I'm using it again c:

Simple air-dryed hair since I was going to try on lots of clothes and didn't want to worry about my clothes or anything.

Thinking ahead.

I haven't worn this coordinate, actually.
These are just some clothes I think look good together but haven't had the chance to wear (toghether) yet.

Delicate white shirt plus miumiu-like pants plus white heels (which I have to get repaired, since the heel's a bit eroded D:) plus cream socks with dots (not drawn in the pic).

What I don't know yet is whic bag to use with this. But I think my brown messenger bag or my new white with blue dots one will do just fine.

So, what are your own favorite coordinates this week/month/year??

Now that I'm done with this, I'm off to watch It Crowd's 4x03 *squeals*.
And tomorrow more and more beach! I'm starting to get a nice tan *loves*.