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Friday, July 2, 2010

Talking about sales and drawings for a while.

As I said in my previous post, I went on a sale hunt yesterday.
Well, it wasn't really a hunt since everything was half-price everywhere haha
But I got some good deals, and also got some of the stuff on my really-need list. List I'll show you soon, btw.

You'll never be able to know how much in love I am with this shirt! Really, can you see how amazing it is?
So mori-almost dolly-like, something out from Carolina Glaser! Mango really is a great shop.

This is from Mango too. And you can't see it on the pic, but it's a bit see-throught.

This was originaly in my not-really-need-but-want list.
A knitted white cardi. But on the other side, I really need a cardigan, so we'll put it in the really-need list.

Isn't this one of the most amazing prints you've ever seen??

As you can see in some pics, the tags are still in their original place. It's because a habit of mine I recently noticed. I take the tags off the firt time I use anything. This habit doesn't have any special meaning though.

Cool cats are cool. And this t-shirt will look great with my new heart-shaped sunglasses. Once my friend gives them back to me ;A; that's it.

Say hi to my new 6€ Chanel-like flats :D Much love to them!

Also got a (rainbow) unicorn key-chain, but I forgot to take a pic of it! It's pretty but... I mean, it's like one of those little key-chans you have arround your house since forever because you got it when you were a kid, but don't really remember when or from who you got it.
It had a heart above the unicorn, in one you could read "best" and the other had "friends" on it. aw. I thought they had both words in each, but no!
So my friend got to be the best and I'm just a friend orz

And this is a really bad pic, but the scarf is really pretty. Got it for hair arranging purposes 8D
Ribbon scarf, here I go!

Yes! this is a part of my wardrobe! :3 Bonus for you! haha
Lots of clothes missing in this shot, tho.

So, have you been to the sales lately? Are they starting in your country soon, or are they already over? Any good deals?

Oh, I almost forget about it! I also got a doughnut, those used to do your hair.
I'll try to learn some tricks and post about it soon :3
Going to the beach tomorrow! I need an under water camera! Please! hah (anyone knows about cheap places to get them?)