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Friday, July 9, 2010

Brand introduction. Or more like, a way to find new things.

Weekend is coming! And I won't be arround here, so I should post already or you'll have to wait until Monday c:
I'm not very much inspired (what's happening this week with me??) so I'll just post about some eyecandy I found some months ago.

Zozo resort is another of your japanese online super big stores (kinda like Rakuten) with lots of brands, where more "indie" fashion can be found.
Zozo also lets you create your own blog, much more simple and with less features than what, for example, ameba could offer.

You can find MEG's blog hosted at zozo people and Carolina Glaser staff's blog too, with updates from the shop and everything. A bating ape has a presence there too, to name a couple of more popular names.

I've also found some really interesting shops and pieces from independent designers. Really cute stuff arround there! (pretty expensive too, I assume most of the pieces are OOAKs and the like).

First brand i want to talk about is Syrup. (fullstop included in the name), blog here.
Amazing, cute, pretty, wonderful, out of a cupcake, agsgagh!

Another brand I came to like is Mother. It's less showy than Syrup. but has an adult but natural feeling that I find very appealing. Everyday wear very much.
This brand's designer is a super cute girl called Eri who is a designer for another couple of brands (amazing!).

Aren't these clothes so pretty?

And taling about MEG (what? I'm sure it's the first time I talk about her!) her collaboration with Frappbois is already sold out!
No wonder at all though.

Nakata and a few more personalities did collaborate too, but hers was one that sold out fast (the rest are close too, if they didn't already).

She also appears in Frapbois's new video for their autumn/winter collection, stopmotion cuteness.
You can see it here.
I'm not much impressed with the video. It's pretty, but not amazing. She looks ultra cute as always though.
Also, the music is composed by her and Dave Liang as it seems (not much lyrics to be credited). Not too sure about that D:

So, your plans for the weekend? Hope you get to do lots of fun things!