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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A few random things since I'm too tired.

Really, what's with me? I can't be this tired, I haven't done anything all day!But the weather is really hot, really really so much I almost fainted today once! Well, it wasn't THAT bad, but I was pretty queasy. I even had the air-con on! I don't get it...Anyways, as I said yesterday I wanted to post a recipe today, but didn't have the strengh or the cheerfulness required to draw (u,u) so you'll have to do with a few news I found interesting c:
Well, to start with this post, two great releases coming soon.

Perfume's new single is out on June 18th. Info from Perfume city.
The covers are super amazing and oh so pretty! More info here.

Normal edition

I specially like the limited edition cover. *leg+shoe freak*

And another release. Meg's「PASSPORT / PARIS」 on August 25th.
Info from her own blog.

Still keeping with the Secret Adventure theme, MEG looks as cute as ever *w*
MEG and her kitty Riu-san have become Sanrio characters for her MEG Birthday Party in Puroland 2010 concert on October second! Ticket reservations start on the nineteenth with preference given to members of her fan club; the tickets range in price from 4000 to 30,000 yen.

Don't really care much for Sanrio characters, but MEG just makes them SO adorable... aww

Finaly, some interesting shoes I saw yesterday on NYLON magazine's blog.
They're supposed to be a super comfortable pair of heels, since they're developed with athletic technology.
Really good idea in my opinion to tell you the truth. I hope they work.

I don't really like much the design though. Hard to match with any sweet trend. I suppose they'll get nicer once they start making them serioulsy or something.
But they remind me of those pretty EVAs from Evangelion, so that makes me see them with pretty eyes. Wouldn't mind wearing them c:

So, Adidas is the source for this new fantabulous idea, with Yoji Yamamoto as the partner in crime.
Would you be willing to try this? Are you impressed (as much as I am) or you'd prefer you'd never have seen this?

Aaaand... this is really shameless advertising I'm gonna do here, and I'd really like not to have to do it, but I'm in need to get rid of things that take quite a lot of space in my room and that I don't need anymore. Plus, the money is always welcome.
And since I don't really like to do this, all my followers will get a discount on anything they want. More info here.

Any promoting will be nice and very much thanked, and If I can get to reunite some money, I promise to bring to you super pretty and amazing and cute underwater pics!->