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Monday, July 5, 2010

Montjuïc de nit.

I'm super tired today since I spent more than 6 hours in the beach today! But I wanted to have this post up today, so I'm bringing lots of pictures!

Two days ago, in Barcelona you could attend to more than 30 concerts for free. And go into 8 museums for free too.
It was called Montjuïc de nit (Montjuïc at night). And everything revolved arround that area that night.
So, knowing how much I love free stuff and activities, I went to Montjuïc with a friend and spent my time having fun, from 8pm until 2am.

Since all the bands I liked played at the same place (so lucky!) we just spent the afternoon at Sot del Migdia. First to watch Mendetz, then Delafé y las Flores azules and last (but not least) The Pepper pots.

Since the event started at 8pm, and despite it being called Montjuïc at night, it was still daylight! Summer is SO great *tear*

Not much people yet, too early, but the band is really something. So I highly recommend you listen to Mendetz! I'm pretty much in love with this band. Nothing else to say.
More info here if you need it. But really, just listen to them, you'll fall in love inmediately.

And of course they were amazing live. Their songs are great, but live they're just much better.
They even played some remixed 80s songs.

This is from Delafé y las Flores concert. We were pretty tired, so we went to the back to sit. And halfway it I thought the front was so crowded I didn't want to go there again. So no pics from this live.
Meeek bad choice, the front was crowded but it was spacious. I really should have gone nearer! They also made me move a lot. Even though they're quite a calm band (at least compared to the other two bands).
So since I don't have many pics from them, here I'm leaving a video.

The Pepper pots are a Motown-inspired band from Girona.
They're formed by about 11 members: 3 lead-singers, drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, trumpet, tenor sax, baritone sax, trumpet and trombone. (I know, I said 11 and you can count 12 members 8D)

They're another band worth listening to if you like 60s poppy songs. They'll sure make you dance. Even more if you go see them live!

Their concert was really great. I enjoyed it so much! I couldn't stop dancing even if I wanted! I had to try so hard not to move while I was taking pics... hah

I took so many pics in this last live, just because i was closer (first row! hehe). But I'll leave you with just a few of them. Hope you enjoy them!

La pegatina (a pretty famous Catalan band) was playing too after that three bands, but since we were a bit tired and wanted to see some museums, we didn't wait to see them.

Then, since you could go into any museum for free, we headed to Poble Espanyol.
It's a place were every "street" represents a typical spanish zone, you could visit Spain in just an hour here! haha
We also wanted to see the Picasso museum, but since it was almost 1'30am they were closing and didn't let us in.
Spent a little time there. It was dark, too crowded and I have free tickets so I can go again and take pics and see everything at my own peace.

So, this was how my Friday night went. How about you all? Have you done anything interesting lately? :3

Btw, Miruku is hosting her fist giveaway!! All the prizes are amazing, and I want to win it, so don't enter! hahha (but follow her blog anyways, it's really interesting!♥)