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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mori girl note for summer

So Mori girl note magazine is already out.
This time it unveils the mistery concerning how to enjoy summer while still dressing in Mori.
I still see too much layering for my taste, but well, judge by yourself.

I've uploaded the whole magazine here. (thanks to Tokyo jam for the original upload!)
I also want to let you know I've made a directory with all the things I've been uploading so far. It's placed in the top bar, and you can access it from here.

I'm so glad because this time the magazine features MEG and Carlolina Glasser. I'm always happy to see her! haha

Promo for her new single, "Secret Adventure" (B side is "Gray").
I highly reccomend it! I'm in love with it!

The magazines also features a tomboyish look (even the photoshoot is called "like a tomboy"), but that doesn't mean mori is heading towards a more boyish looking style.

Princess/girlish style is always higly encouraged.

There's a tumblr out there that features mori girl, and there was one time a complain that fairy/dolly key was posted on there too.
Well, they're quite related and more than often, mori and dolly and fairy get mixed in the same coordinate. You can even mix it with marine items! There's no room for purism in fashion anymore!

The magazine also talks about some nuance-kei (nuance style, ニュアンス系) but I don't know much about it yet.

Looking at this snapshots, I still prefer mori. I'm a sucker for lace and white, what can I say! haha

Also brings the Mori "master" items. Nice!

1) Flower pattern
2) Lace
3) Leggins
4) Haori (it's a traditional japanese formal coat, but you can always use a cardi instead)
5) Unbleached clothes/ linen
6) Polka dot
7) Basket Bag
8) Animal motifs
9) Knit accessories
10) Voluminous scarfs

Aside from this, important mori items are also oncepieces, oversized clothes, clogs (didn't like this trend when it started to pop-up, but now I'm starting to look at clogs with new eyes), backpacks (since mori girls like woods and picnics, there's no better bag to carry your things), sandals, natural accessories, denim, ...

Covers a two-week day by day coordinate shoot for outdoor activities.

Also, has a report on how to style shoes+socks. All kind of shoes and all kind of socks! (without losing focus on the mori style, of course.)
I really like to combine my pumps with socks, so this is pretty cool!

Home wear for mori girls is a lot more colorful and less simple than the outdoor clothes. I don't think it matches too much with the trend, but well.

Then some talk about mori fashion i can't really understand and some shop recommendations and mori cooking recipes. (You can find all this in the mag so go download it! :D)

And of course, lots of snapshots. Here some of my favs!

I'll be talking soon about Made in Colkinikha.

I'm SO in love with this coordinate...

And we can't forget about hair inspiration. Just one tutorial tho D:

Even if this is supposed to be the summer styling, I still see too much clothes. I really get hot in summer, plus summer in Japan is pretty unbearable.
Maybe they're using lots of white for this reason.
What are your thoughts on this
There are a few snapshots I'd definitely copy though. I'm in love with this trend after all! haha

Here are the previous Mori-related magazines I've talked about on this blog. If you want to see the posts about them, you can easily find them throught the tag cloud on the sidebar.

You can read the fall/winter post about mori for colder looks.

On a side note, I noticed my posts get kind of long every now and then, so since I've found a way to keep them inside a cut (something like a lj-cut :D), would it be more confortable for you all if I did that, or do you prefer the posts as they're now?