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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You can't find it? Make it!

One of the things I really enojoy is making things.
I prefer a cute self-done accessories than a bought ones. That doesn't mean I don't love shopping for accessories XD thing that I love too, but things you made yourself have that special feeling, that something that makes them nicer. Plus, you are the one who chooses everything, from the design, to the colors, etc, so it surely is perfect when done.

Obviously not everything cames out nice and well done the first or second time, perfection needs practice, but for me, it's worth it, even if in the process you get a bit depressed.

So, over the years, reading magazines, browsing the web and reading blogs, I've ended piling up a lot of DIY tutorials, from reciclyng clothes to making pouches and a lot of random things.

And I'll share now some of my favorites. This first post of DIY series is a collectin of tutorials done by bloggers and about clothing or accsessories, so lots of links ahead!

I'm really in love with this idea. And it's so simple!

Violet le beaux's usamimi.

It's super cute and easy to do (at least she makes it look like it!).
And she also has a lot of other tutorials, hair, slippers, sorting out your nail polish, deco, ...

I find this necklace amusingly easy to do!
From here. The site's full of great ideas!

One project i'm definetely doing is this knitted sailor collar by Noncsika.

There are no instructions in this post, but it's a pretty easy project to figure out, and a really original idea full of possibilities!
From Plush you. Click on the pic for the link.

Love skirts+love people teaching me to sew=

I don't really like denim in general, but she turned this jacket into such a cool vest! I'd love to try it.

So, what are your fav DIYs? Anything interesting to share? Do you like to do things by yourself or you are among all that kind people who like to buy what others make?