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Friday, June 18, 2010

Kind of sad news. Banana fish is dead, long life to Banana fish!

It's really sad to hear a business has to shut down, but it's even sadder when it's a clothing store you love the one closing.
Found the news at Tokio fashion (full article here).

After their 10th year anniversary announcment the other day, they suddenly announce they're shutting bussiness down.

I found it weird when, used to get their newsletter at least once a week, I wasn't getting it anymore. Didn't mind it much since it meant less clothes to wish for and never thought again until today when Tokio fashion reported the bad news.

It looks like the cause of all this are some troubles with the mangaement, since obviously the brand was doing really well with their business.
“The reason [for the sudden closing] is that the manager is now absent, and we cannot continue to do business with that being the case.”
Almost everything in their webstore was sold out and their recent collaboration with Neeko was really popular (with lots of sold out items too).

So money was clearly not the problem.
Banana fish was a really popular brand, maybe not as popular as Sex pot can be (talking about shops in the same area), but they had a stable "fanbase", and they had fans overseas too (*rises hand*).
"New releases and events were all lined up, and we were looking forward to informing you as soon as we could, but now we are unable to and are all very saddened by this."
They had neat designs, cute prints, original accessories and they got in magazines more than often.

Banana fish was often featured in Kera.

I'm personally really sad to hear about the brand's closing. Banana fish became one of my favorite brands since the moment I discovered it (sadly, after I came back from Japan), and I only got arround to buy one of their shirts (or onepieces, depending on yout height).
At least one can still find cheap second hand clothes from BF in japanese auctions and the like. But prices will probably start to go hight after the closing of the brand. Some more sad news.

It's really a shocking and at the same time sad thing. I really hope this turns into a temporal closing and they find a new manager or something (because I hope this is the real closing reason).
We are closing down all of our stores and breaking up the company now due to personal and unavoidable issues that the manager currently has.
From the blog's farewell post.
One can always dream.

All the staff is really shocked about the news too, and they're as sad as I am. It was a big shock for everyone. A few of the staff have also posted messages in the brand's blog (since it's the only active front of banana fish).

I'm sorry this became a sad post, just before weekend (some people may find this info useless anyway haha), but I really wanted to write something about it.