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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mori girl for autumn/fall /winter

I know this post is late. VERY late. And I'm sorry about that! I don't know how this happened, but I didn't see Mori girl papier vol.4 neither Mori girl lesson nº3 until a few days ago (phew, this post took so long to get written! haha), that's why I didn't post about it until now.
This issue is supposed to talk about mori girl in the autumn/fall, but you can always use these tips in winter too.

I made a little glossary post of recurrent japanese words you come across when reading magazines, so check it if you're interested! Most of those words are used in this post/magazine hehe

Well, here she is, our (my) favorite mori girl, MEG!
The magazine features a few popular (I suppose, since the only girl featured I know is MEG) mori girls and their style.
Oops, I couldn't resist posting MEG scans!

Before reading: there are a lot of interesting topics in this issue (new brands, coordinates, ...) BUT, I'm only gonna focus on the mori girl lessons in this post, since there are a lot of images to show. Plus, translations in this post are only guidelines, I'm not translating everything the lessons say neither my japanese is good enough to do so.
(I only want to say, btw, my knowledge of the japanese language is very limited, so these translations are quite loose and don't have to be taken as completely correct. I'll try to translate everything the best I can though)

Lesson 1: Mori girl items
mori girl fall basic items

Item nº1: A soft fur vest to take a walk in the woods.

Item nº2: A bit embroidery in a cute little girl's onepiece.

Item nº3: A light lace onepiece peeking underneath your clothes

Lesson nº4: a floral skirt with a romantic feel.

Item nº5: Soft and warm knit outerwear to be comfortable in winter.

Item nº6: Wear a poncho, like a Northen Europe girl would.

Item nº7: A camel outerwear is a classic for a Mori girl.

Lesson 2: Layering combinations
Mori girl's way of layering

Combination nº1: One piece + one piece

Combination nº2: Skirt + petticoat

Combination nº3: One piece + denim

Combination nº4: Knit + shirt + onepiece

Combination nº5: Vest + long cardi + onepiece

Lesson 3: Accessories

One becomes lovelier when using accessories

1st Accessory: Enjoy your classy self wearing something arround your neck.

2nd Accessory: Mori girls love fluffy fur hats

3rd Accessory: The degree of girlyness also increases with the cute hair accessory.

Lesson 4: Feet coordinate
Mori girl's way to footwear coordinate

Sabots are recurrent footwear for a mori girl.

Girly flat strap shoes.

Trekking shoes are indispensable to go on a stroll.

I like magazines that help you define a style/trend and give you ideas on how to coordinate things, but everything loses a bit of its magic when you change the word "guidelines" for "musts". So I'd like everyone to take all this as reference to help make and/or develop your own mori style.
And avobe all, have fun dressing up!

Your thoughts on all this? Are you up for being a mori girl this winter too?

Go to the download page to find this and more mori girl magazines for download.