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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kawaii dotto ai

Have you ever had your wisdom teeth removed? Well, I did last friday, which resulted in me staying the whole weekend at home. Which ended in me finding this cute videos.

The themes of the videos go from your typical 109 super-cute shop to a cosplay maid café and the latest trends. Everything in Japan. Everything introduced by Jelly's Mana Honda.

Video featuring Dazzlin!

MaNa coordinates everything she got on her trip to 109.

Going to a Maid café
MaNa goes Hime!

I'm not sure if a lot of people know about this, since the channel only has a few hundred subscribers, which is a pitty since all the videos are so cute (and short! haha). But you can go over Kawaii.i official channel and watch all their 26 episodes (up to date).

And you may think this post was done to distract you from my long abscenses while bribing you with some eye candy. Well, you got me!
But on the other hand, summer holidays are coming soon (this is my last month at my current job!), plus I've got a big announcement to make, which means more posting starting soon.