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Friday, August 26, 2011

Vintage and second hand hunt

Last week I went with a friend to rediscover Barna (why is it that foreign people know more about the place where you live than yourself??).
(Remember to click on any picture to see it bigger!)

She took me to her favorite vintage shop called Lullaby vintage, and of course, I had to get something D: 
 Pretty baby yellow blouse ♥
 And a kinda sporty, retro top. Cute ♥

This shop is located in the number 22 of Riera Baixa street, which is a street full of second hand/vintage shops like M.O.T.E.L., G.I.Joe, Billie Jean, Carrousel, Smart and clean, Slang, De Faralaee and Lailo.

Went into almost all of them, but didn't get a single piece of anything. I am prouf of my endurance skills! (which failed on me two days ago when I got three cameras in a street market D:)

Also went to the Kling shop, there are lots of shops that carry stuff from them which you can find everywhere, but only one brand shop.
Picture from their website
I didn't get anything from there (was so tempted to buy a super cute round straw hat!), but just going there was worth it, super cute shop!
Check the location on google maps, if you ever happen to come to Barcelona.
And the greatest thing, you can buy online!
There's also a few great cute/indie shops in that street (Banys nous).

What I did get were some cute headphones from the brand Onto, which are awesome sound-wise.
Got them at a shop called The rent shop where my friend got a pair of Vivienne Westwood's Melissa flats for only 25€! (no right size for me=no shoes for me orz)

I also have been doing some personal vintage hunt in my mom and grandma's closets, which led to the greatest findings:

This pair of Missoni glasses I now use as my regular pair of glasses after having the glass changed to my eye prescription.
I am in love.
These ones are a pair of sunglasses which are too cool for words.
Which I also love to death.
These ones are Laura Biagiotti. I still need to change the glass, but I'm sure I'll eventyally do. 
All of these I got from my mom. And she got them more than 20 years ago! It is quite amazing she still has them since she likes to throw away everything she doesn't use anymore.

And this kids, is why you should never ever throw anything away, you never know what you son/daughter will love when they grow up!

Like this bra I got from my mom also, which is extremely cute, even if I forgot to draw the dots on it!

This is a dress my granny made for my aunt in the 80s or the 90s that she used to wear to go partying.
I still need to gather the courage myself to wear it! (outside my house, that's it).

I've got a big announcement to make, that will be accompanied by a giveaway. Tomorrow. So stay tunned! haha