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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brand introducion: Dazzlin

It's been a while since I last introduced a new brand, so I thought it's time for another introduciton!
(When I say new, I don't mean it's opened recently, I mean new as in, I've never talked about it before/I recently discovered it.)

This time, I want to introduce you all to Dazzlin.
Probably lots of you know about it since it's got featured in plenty of popular magazines, from Cutie to Non-non, Elle, Pop sister to Nylon, Blenda, Nuts,...

Dazzlin featured in April's SCawaii. Playsuit! Dots! Peter pan collar!

They got a super cute catalogue (as to be expected from their clothes!).
You can get the prices just by passing over the pictures.
Next are a few of my fav shots!

I love their "how to be playful without being silly" motto!

This is not as mori as many of you would expect from this blog, but this brand did catch my attention for their playful, happy clothes.
And I'm already thinking about summer. In fact, I never stopped thinking about it. And I can't wait for it to start haha

They also got shots from their catwalk show for 2011 SS on their web. Which as you'll see are super fun!

The bum pants! And this swimsuit! ♥♥

Dazzlin, of course, got an online store where you can find (I'd say) all of their stuff.
I have no way to confirm this, but I've seen most of their runway/catalogue stuff on the site.

Dazzlin has got lots of dresses, shorts, and lacey/see through clothes, and that's why it's getting to become one of my favs, even if I don't know much about this brand yet.

Did you already know about Dazzlin? Have you ever bought from them? Tell me if so!