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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mori girl papier

Just a few snaps and  since the magazine talks for itself. Not much wording that needs translating (concerning general Mori knowledge).
Plus, Mori girl papier is not like Mori girl note, which gives guidelines and tips about being a mori. This one is more like any other magazine featuring any other style.

This time we got Aya Hirayama on the cover. Who you can also find on Poupee with her own "shop"! Not very mori over there though! hehe
(btw, if anyone's interested in playing Poupee and wants an invite from me, just leave me a note here!)
The magazine features French Lippée a lot this time. Which is a brand I must talk about soon. It's like a mori Tsumori Chisato! Adorable, pretty, cute!

Looks like more vivid colors (not just pastels as we were used to)  will appear in summer. Just, as layered as before. So keep your cool and keep cold in the forest.

Foot wear- sandals, pumps and clogs
Mori girls know how to be cute and stay fresh!

A good mori girl of course loves a good DIY! I adore magazines with DIY articles!

Coordinate inspiration. 

 Coordinate featuring Carolina Glaser!♥ (first on the left)

And of course hair inspiration. For all lenghts!

No post about Mori without a bit of MEG tehee

There's also a mini-guide of shops/cafés/bookstores in the magazine. Which are incredibly useful if you're in Tokio. But incredibly cruel if you can't go! haha

You can already get Mori gilr papier vol. 4 in the download section!
Plus, all the files I've been uploading for the blog, and a few new magazines (highlighted in bold).

And btw! The blog got featured on Sugar Plum Kawaii! Thank you very much girl!
Now go see the entry and all the cuteness around the blog <3