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Sunday, March 6, 2011

HURTS live in Barcelona pic spam and biased report.

This past February the band Hurts came to play here in Barcelona. And since I fell in love with their music instantanely the first time I listened to them, I flew to get my ticket so I could go.
You should listen to them if you haven't yet, btw. They really are something.
Here's a Spotify link for example.
I took there my Eos (digital) and my Diana F+. I still need to take the roll to develop, so you'll have to do with the digital photos (which sure came out better anyways haha)

Jacket from Humör
T-shirt from MEG's Best Flight Terminal A
Skirt from H&M
Trainers from Irregular Choice
Bag from Irregular choice
Camera Diana F+ from Lomography

I wish my hair was pink as in the drawing... unfortunately it's not... (someday, you just wait)

I took like, 100.000.000 pictures, which makes me think I should let go of the shutter button from time to time...
I get so excited taking pictures, but then I forget I have to sort them all once I get home. And that's such a pain in the ass with so many pics!
the hurts in barcelona
But they looked so amazing and cool on stage I just couldn't help taking a thousand pictures! (even if they all look almost the same D:)
(Btw, and jokes aside, total count: 727 pics, and only about 60 of them made it to the final edit!)
the hurts in barcelona
This was my first time seeing them live, and I've gotta say they completely captivated me. Made me fall in love even more with their music, which I thought couldn't happen.
the hurts in barcelona
I loved how Theo "commaned" us while he was singing. It looked like we were his orchestra.
They're so charismathic on stage.
the hurts in barcelona
Anyways, I tried to edit as less as possible the pics, since the light was so nice. I picked the prettiest ones for you all, so just lay back and enjoy!
the hurts in barcelona
the hurts in barcelona
the hurts in barcelona
the hurts in barcelona
the hurts in barcelona yumepony 29
the hurts in barcelona yumepony 33
the hurts in barcelona yumepony 53
the hurts in barcelona yumepony 55
the hurts in barcelona yumepony 57
the hurts in barcelona yumepony 58
There's only a few of them here, so if you want to see them all (you should!) you can do it over at my new Flickr account c:

If you happen to like them, don't hesitate to go to one of their lives if you have the chance. If you don't know about them, don't hesitate a single second and go listen to them.
(Unfortunately) they've only released one album so far, but it's so powerful you'll have enough listening to it in loop for a while.