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Friday, February 25, 2011

When fashion meets cinema. Miu miu, Chanel and Tom Ford

Miumiu released their first short a few weeks ago featuring the Spring 2011 collection.
"The powder room" is the first of a serie of short films called "The women's tales", and it looks very promising. And directed by Zoe Cassavetes.

You can see the video in Miumiu's homepage, or find it on Youtube. Or just keep reading.

Chanel also released a stop motion animation by Peter Philips and Nowness, to promote the brand's make-up line.
You don't need much description, since the video's coming right now. Just enjoy the cheerfulness!

It's not, by far, the first movie/animation/short film by Chanel, since it's widely known (or not?) how mister Lagerfeld likes to film. It's up to you to think if they are as weird as some people say, if they're nice, or just pretty in their very own way.

This next short animation's music's so cute, I had to include it in the post! (made for V magazine). Also for Chanel.

Tom Ford's a Single man must be one of my favorite movies (I've already seen it more than thrice since I got on it on DVD a couple of weeks ago!).
If you haven't seen it yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. It's not just the story, it's the music, the clothes, the light and the colors. And the emotions and feelings that get to you while watching it.

Tom Ford really makes you wonder, why more creators, aside movie-related people, don't make movies (lack of time maybe? haha).
But I really think, movies are not just a way to express one's ideas or feeling. It's also a way to collect a lot of pretty feelings and images and share them. And pretty doesn't just mean flowers in a garden. Prettiness can be found in everything and everywhere.

This is the truth about my first encounter with A single man. I went to see the movie just for this guy. And two hours later I was out of the cinema and the only thing I wanted to do was watch the movie two or three times again in a row.

Mister Ford, do make another movie as as possible!