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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My new Diana F+ is so cool it glows in the dark!

If you follow me on twitter you may already know about this, but a few weeks ago I got myself a new super duper ultra pretty camera: a Diana F+, special edition, that glows in the dark.
Yup, I'm a sucker for stuff that glows in the dark. You should see my room's ceiling.

Remember the post I made about a Lomography workshop here in Barcelona? Well, I couldn't wait anymore so I got my own camera! tehee

This is my Lomohome btw, if you happen to have one too, don't hesitate to add me!

For 90€ this is what you get, a pretty yellow box with a beauty inside.

It even comes with a manual and a picture book with interviews!

Can you see the stars? They also glow in the dark!

I forgot to take pictures of them, but they also come with (LOTS of) plastic color filters you can use when shooting, and they make your pictures more colorful. Which is really cool. They come in strong red, light purple, navy blue, baby blue, yellow, orange, pretty green, ugly green,...

The shopstaff recommended me this film, Color negative 400ISO for my first time (the pack comes with three rolls of film, not two).
The Diana F+ is a 120mm (medium) format camera, so you need larger rolls than your typical analog camera.

I already developed one of the rolls. I just need to wait for my birthday (next month that is!) to ask for a film scanner so I can show you the pics!

It's way cheaper this way, since developing is 3€ for a 35mm and 6€ for a 120mm film, then developing+scanning is 11€ for each roll.

The results are square format photos but if you are tricky photographer, you can also take panoramic shoots, which are really cool.
I tried it with my camera (only used two frames tho) and (looking at the negatives haha) the results look quite cool.
No picture can come out wrong with an analog camera though.

What's left for me to experiment with is the pinhole function. You let light go inside the camera through a super small hole, which makes you hold the shoot button for a while. Resulting in the so called "dreamy" pics.

Learn more about the Diana F+ in the Lomo page.