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Friday, January 7, 2011

Coordinate catch up #5

How long has it been since my last post? I don't even want to check... But the good news are that I'm not getting that tired anymore after work, I'm getting so used to it I don't fall sleep right after getting home anymore! haha
And what does that mean? More posts coming up in less time! I hope you're all waiting for them! (I know Bianca does ♥ ;D)

Anyways, here are some "recent" coordinates. You can see the dates on the drawings, so you'll see there are no coordinates from this year. That will be left for later.

Last year coordinate. Tehee. These three coordinates are work coordinates. I don't really do much besides going to work, so all I can draw lately are work coordinates. I don't dress much different from my free-time coords, but still.

Listen flavor top, H&M skirt, black tights and Blanco ballerinas. Ballerinas that are getting broken from using them so much ;_; and I can't buy them again anymore... Does anyone know where can I get something similar to these? I don't care if it's an online store. Help pretty please!♥

Another pair of boots that are dead. They definetely broke the other day while going to a friend's house for dinner. Luckyly we only went to his house, then back to mine, so not much walking needed, but still.

Ooops, a couple coordinates from October! I should have posted them long before, but I misplaced them and only got to scan them recently.
This was my first day of class, and it was so cool! I'm learning how to create fabric patterns, and I'm learning lots!

October 6th I realized I never draw any earphones or mp3 with my coordinates, even if I wear them ALL the time when I'm outside.
That was also an interview day, for I job I kinda got (months later) when I already found my actual job.
(And yup, October was still a hot month here).

I think I really should start coloring my coordinates, color is an important part of every coordinate!