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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cross-proccessing @lomography

Have you ever heard of Lomography?
Lomography is this magical place for all the analog lovers, where they can find their ideal film, a new camera love or even more people that love analog photography as much as them.
And I do love analog photgraphy to death.

Recently I attended one of Lomography's workshops in Barcelona where they explained how the cross-processing works. Which is pretty cool actually.
And of course, we took some pictures.

I used a Diana F+ and a Diana mini, that were lent to us by the Lomo shop.
First, our "teacher" explained some basic concepts of analog photography, and then, arround 5-6 we took the streets and started to fill the streets of Barcelona with snapping sounds. It was already so dark by then! D: But that let us experiment a lot with the flash lights, and that was really cool.

Isn't the Diana F+ super cute??

I'm not going to start explaining complicated stuff, since the guys at the Lomo page already did (and in a very easy and understandable way), so I'm just going to post some of the pics I took and shut up until the next post.

Hi there!

This makes it look like I always wear the same clothes! haha

Barcelona really is a great place for photography.

The previous pictures were taken with the Diana F+, the following were taken with the Diana mini.

Phew, long post was long. I hope you enjoyed them at least!