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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Magazine review. Beware: pic heavy!

It's been a while since I last talked about magazines or did a review of them (except for the TC mook)
So now, I'm going to talk about three magazines I love: Fudge, Tomotomo and So-en. You can download these magazines (and a few more) here.

Fudge is about fashion. And culture. And trend. And is not on the mainstream side.
I specially like it because it's full of fashion photography, and has a lot of shop information in it.

Fashion news, streetstyle, London guide this time, cool photoshoots. Lot of fur and knit featured and random brands and shops.

Natural/mori style photoshoot everywhere all the time (at least in this issue).
Beauty articles and how-to's can be found in the magazine too.

Worth taking a look even if it's just for the pictures.

Aaand also has hair style and arranging section!
Plus, movie, music, shop and event review too. You can say this magazine is pretty complete.

Tomotomo is a magazine about hair. But not hair arrange, it's a bit more specialized magazine about cutting your hair, basically. But has lots of pretty pictures of girls. And if you're like me who likes to DIY everything, then you'll like this magazine. If not, you can always bring the hairstyle you like to your hairdressed and get it done exactly like the magazine.

These pictures are just examples of finished stylings, but you can find diagrams and how-to's inside the magazine.

I already talked about So-en before, and even if I like lots all the magazines I post here, So-en is one that's in my top3.
You can find really inspiring images in that magazine, interesting stuff even if you can't read what the text says (and I wish I could,

Tsumori Chisato photoshoot! haha How can I not love this magazine?

Cute MEG is cute, specially with curly hair

You can find a lot of diferent interesting (and random) stuff in this magazine. From new talents and fashion show reports... cinema reviews. And pretty photoshoots, of course.
Has everyone seen "A single man"? Because this is a movie I wasn't interested in a single bit and when I left the cinema, I was completely in love with it.

Anyways, get all this magazines here. And remember to buy whenever you can! (Plus, it's really nice having such magazines on paper, I'd have them all if it wasn't so expensive to import them!)
I haven't been able to find a place online where they sell these magazines (without being overpriced), so if you know any places to get these magazines, please do tell me!