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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween party!

Here in Spain, we use Halloween as an excuse to party, since kids here really don't do the trick or treat tour.
But what we celebrate here in Catalunya is the "castanyada". With chestnuts and sweet potatoes (and I'm going to go eat some as soon as I'm done with this).

So I'm going to celebrate both, castanyada with my family, and as soon as I'm done, Halloween with my friends and the nightlife of Barcelona! haha

And this is my poor excuse for a costume. Remake of a costume from 10 years ago... let's hope it's dry by the time I go out.

So, what are you doing for halloween? Do you even celebrate it? Show me your costume!

You think this post is a Deja-vú? Nope, I already posted it here.