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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Coordinate catch up #3

I've been leaving for later the coordinate drawing for so long, I forgot about most of them! D: bad me...
Anyways, here I bring another coordinate catch up! I hope you enjoy them as much as me drawing them!

This is like, one of the most important days of this year

The sweater is a retro-vintage-handmade one made by my granny more than twenty years ago. And it's so comfy and pretty!
I got a lot more clothes, so I'll be posting about them soon.

The skirt is my lacey skirt from H&M, nothing new. And the shoes are my lovely flower wedges from Blanco.
And leather bag from Misako, which I love.

This was a very important day, as I said, but I can't talk much about that yet, since there's nothing confirmed, but I'll probably start talking about that arround March c:

It's Ekus birthday party!

Remember my mori-like shirt from Mango? Wore it for the first time to a friend's bd party.
Blanco flowerly skirt plus Blanco flowerly wedge.
And a bag my mum got from a walking woman on the beach.

It's been so long since I last saw you!

Meeting with a friend. Then went for cupcakes to have for breakfast! Ended up eating a cupcake and a (big) piece of cake! Yum!

Well, the playsuit, got it in London for £5! It's deep blue with white dots and anchor buttons and a big white ribbon on the side.
Love at first sight!

I can't find the damn place

I got a job interview last week. I hope I get it soon!

H&M dress from last year and H&M shirt with comic print.

I need a job... give me the job!

Starting the training. But that doesn't mean I got the job! D:
They said they'd call us whenever they needed more people, so I only can wait for now.

Bershka stripped Shirt (bd present from my aunt) and lace H&M skirt and leather Misako messenger bag and Blanco wedges.

Soon-to-be coordinate

This is actually a dream coordinate.
I only own the cardigan and the belt, but I (think) I found the pants at Zara's fall collection.
The rest are some cool "high waist" boots and a plain v-neck white tshirt.

And a tupé. Tupés are always the answer for everything.

Since i feel a bit bad for not posting coordinates for so long, I've made an ecchi bonus for you.
Room/sleep wear edition!

This is what I'm actually wearing right now c:
I love love love the top (so long that you can actually wear it as a dress). It's from H&M and made of cotton and it's dotted love.

My hair gets all curly when I don't brush/air dry it. But I think it looks cute, so most of the time I leave the house without even touching my hair ♥

Comfy bun, more-than-20-years-old Benetton T-shirt and pajama pants.

And I go arround the house in flip-flops most of the time.

This is an embarassing secret, so don't tell anyone, but I actually sleep a bit naked on hot summer nights, or when I'm too lazy to look for my pajama (which happens to be all the time).