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Monday, October 4, 2010

Brand introduction: Né-net

My computer was out of service until a few hours ago, so the coordinate post I had all drawn isn't edited yet. So, until I get everything ready, I'll leave you with a brand I found a few days ago.
Everything's lovely, and I don't have a single penny... *cries* (you'll find out why soon).

I found about Né-net throught Humor, which is something like a store that holds a few brands. All the information from the website is in japanese, so I can't understand much about it, and I don't really think they ship overseas, but one thing I did understand is that they carry this super nice brand called Né-net!

The shop concept is " Casual wearing shared between couple." That means you can find the same piece as womanswear, menswear or even kidswear.
Cute idea, and cute stuff! I won't talk much about it, but the designer worked in Issey Miyake's studio for a few years, and just that says somethig. More info about the brand here.

So simple but so pretty!

にゃー (nyaa) né-net
Is a né-net sub-brand that's even cuter than the main brand!
You can find the shop here.

A few more brands are listed on Humor, and you can find a few that could blend perfectly with mori style, even if they're not blinding-mori, they make good basic pieces. Some like Kitia or Sunaokuwahara.

Tsumori Chisato
is also there. With such wonderful clothes! Really, everytime I see something from that brand I fall in love more and more!
So I'll be talking about TC mook soon! hah