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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great surprises got home today!

There are several news concerning this blog and its periphery I thought were worth mentioning arround here.

First of all is that I created a new tumblr account. You may ask, why? because you don't have anything else important to do?
And I may answer, not really, but since I post a lot of snapshots and coordinates, and I enjoy seeing new ones too, that's what I'm going to post in that tumblr.
You can find it here: Snapshots for your consideration.

Other great news is that I made a new blog on blogsport as a lame substitute of the portfolio I don't have. Yet.

Blog's header. No name, no nothing... Keeping things simple haha
I won't be updating this one any less-at least that's my intention, so you don't have to worry.
You also have a banner to the blog-folio on the sidebar, so you can go there anytime you want c:
The blog's opening means (probably) that you'll see less of my work here (and a few reposts there). At least full art posts like the deer or the zoo ones. That doesn't mean I'll stop posting drawings here c:

Remember I said I did win Lacosta's giveaway at Laurita? Stuff in the mail! Beware of the cuteness!
And thanks a lot to Lacosta. She's such a nice girl, and has a super cute blog, so go read it! tehee

That's what was waiting for me in the post office today! (since the postman came yesterday, but I wasn't at home...)

Metamorphose mini towel, Baby TSSB calendar and catalogue (♥) and panda coin purse!
Now I feel cheap when I remember my own giveaway XD Sorry Miruku♥

Super sweet message from Lacosta♥♥ I always get super excited when someone says kind things about my drawings out of nowhere ;A;

I think this ilustration for June is the one I like the most♥

This month's page!

I don't know if everyone has seen it already, or if someone wants to take a full look at it? If anyone's interested, I can scan it and share, just leave a comment! c:

This is the cutest out of all! (and basically the main reason for my joining! haha)

Full of pennies for my London trip!

And, is this a mini towel? I'm not sure, but anyways, cute! ;A; yay for baking bear!

And last but not least, I decided to skip tomorrow's coordinate catch up post to make a big anouncement, so remember to check back!
(I haven't drawn/worn any interesting coordinates this week anyways so this comes right in time! haha)

I know I'm forgetting something, but I can't remember what it is, so this posts ends here today c: