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Monday, June 21, 2010

Animals. Animals everywhere.

It's been a while since I last posted some of my drawings, so here comes a bunch I did at the zoo.
Lots of people don't like to go to the zoo, they get depressed when they see all the caged animals. I do feel a bit bad for the poor animals, but I still like to go to the zoo. Mainly because I love to draw them and they're super fun to.

More than getting ready before I start drawing, I like to draw with the first thing I find, so when I went to the zoo, I just tossed inside my bag lots of diferent kinds of papers (mainly, random pieces I had here and there) and lots of pens, pencil and random colors.

Birds are really fun to draw!

I love this one <3

I don't find cocrodiles interesting or anything, but if you think of it, they're pretty cool actually.

These weren't done at the zoo, but I'm pretty proud of them, and they're animals anyways, so I'm posting them too.

Also, made a couple of wallpapers again.

Again, size is 1280x1024. If anyone needs a different size, feel free to ask for it.
You can download all the wallpapers I've done until now here. Also, link for future references here.
Hope you like them!