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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Deers and surprises

First things first, I notice having disqus comment form enabled is much more convenient since I can reply to comments, and people too as long as they're logged onto disqus or wrote their email in the form. So disqus stays! Don't hesitate to create an account there if you don't have one since it's worth it!

This is my last week of school (kind of) so from now on I'll have more time in my hands to laze arround. That means I'm getting busy with personal projects starting tomorrow! And I'm super excited about it!
A friend is going to help me with something I've always wanted to do, that also will result in THIS BLOG'S FIRST GIVEAWAY! So stay tunned for more details in a couple of weeks! I can't say much more now, since I want it to be a big surprise, but I'm leaving you all with a little hint♥

Anyways, as I said, school is ending, and I've got back some of my drawings. And they're some of the most important ones XD (sentimental value and blah blah blah).
I've already talked once about a little book I was drawing. These are the sketches, and I like them almost as much as I like the final thing! And since I haven't posted much about my drawings lately, I felt it was time already to do so.
Hope you like them as much as I do!

Do you spot anything familiar in those? haah

Oh, and this is a "gift" for you all, just to celebrate... 23 followers and 1,333 visits (last time I checked!)

Ooops... size is 1280x1024, since I used my screen for reference. Tell me your resolutions and I'll add more wallpapers soon!