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Thursday, July 8, 2010

What I need and what I don't.

I tend to forget all the important (and not that important) things.
That's why some weeks ago I taped a piece of paper to my desktop. This way, everytime I see or think about clothes I'd like to buy (coordinate-wise) I can draw it down and not forget about it when I'm shopping.This way I'll have something to rely on and avoid buying the first pretty thing I see and unstabilize my wardrobe. Ha.

In order to also focus on the important things, I made two lists. One with the clothes/shoes/accessories I kinda really need (kinda since I don't go naked outside, so speaking frankly, I don't need any clothes) and the other has a long list of whims. I already got some (as you can see on my sale shopping day.)

Also, I've been trying to stay away from black. At one point I had too many black clothes... I like white and colors! Mori girls don't dress in black! haha

So sorry about the really crappy pictures. Since the paper is attached to my desktop, I can't really scan it (I'd had to rip it, and I want it here a couple of weeks more at least).

Clothes I kinda really need.
1-A white cardigan. Check!
2-Sandals. Everyday wear.
3-More sandals. I like these ones from TopShop. In black, thanks.
4-Flats. Check!

Clothes my soul needs.
1-Nautical bag. Not a bag with nautical motifs.
2-Miu miu clogs. Cat print please. Hahah... someday.
3-Lace headband. I saw some cheap ones at Primark but... argh not pretty enought.
4-Round sunglasses (in black) for customization purposes.
5-Knitted cardi, or something like that. Check. (same as point 1 from previous list. I can't spend as much money as I'd like, so I'll have to do with merging those two.)
6-Lace camisole. To wear as a dress with something underneath. Saw some at H&M. I'll have to go back again.
7-More flowers for my head. Always more!
8-Nail polish in red and yellow. Also want a white one.
9-Chanel's Nouvelle Vague.
10-Flower skirt with pockets and buttons in the front. The truth is I want to make this one myself.
11-Geometric shoes. I think Irregular choice has some nice ones.
12-Can-can hat.
13-Denim vest. May get customized once I get it.

And that's it! Phew.

Also, been painting a bit more.
These are for my mum, and I plan on painting some white flowers on the pink/red background once it's done.

On upcoming posts, expect another coordinate catch up.
I don't know why I don't do this more often, it would mean less work...

And to finish today's post, just tell you all about another great giveaway! This time from Lacosta at Laurita!
What's this, everyday a new giveaway arises! Giveaway a go-go! (but I don't really mind, all the prizes are so cool! haha)

Isn't the panda-purse adorable?? ;A; *grabby hands*