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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Miu miu fall/winter 2010-2011

I'm not really inspired to blog today (I had several posts in mind, but that would take time, and it's too hot right now, no strengh haha) but I wanted to post something anyways, since you know, once you stop doing something, you stop doing it forever!! D:
So I got today in the mail the video about Miu miu's 2010/2011 fall/winter collection.
The videos and my thoughts about it coming next.

I love the shoes. And I like the make up. And I find some of the models are pretty cute. Not much more to say.

But I have to say I like the shoes. Wait a few weeks and I'll be loving them.

Miu Miu - Fall Winter 2010/2011 Full Fashion Show Part 1

The dresses are nice. Retro-ish and simple with a blink here and there. And flowers.
Pretty black coats. I love the rhinestones and the cut for most of them.
Didn't like much the orange pieces. Just because I don't like orange. Have they been... any other color, I would have loved them.
What I didn't like at all were those ribbon collars. And I usually love anything that has to do with ribbons! hah Just, not this time.

Miu Miu - Fall Winter 2010/2011 Full Fashion Show Part 2

The dresses were something really pretty. I wouldn't mind getting the lavender one. Obviously with matching shoes.

What gave me the creeps were the girl's legs. I know they're models, they ought to keep thin, and all that old story, but I got too distracted by their legs and didn't focus too much on the clothes. Is that what they want??
They al look like they're gonna break at any moment, and this distracts me too much D:

So, overall comment? I'd love to go to my job interviews dressed in this collection. I'd feel like the fuckin' queen and get all the jobs. haha

On a side note.

This pic is from Amo's blog. You know, that girl that's appearing constantly in Kera, is Monomania's spokegirl (kind of haha) and is on Angelic pretty's ads every now and always.
Don't know much about what's going on here, something about Barbie's cosmetic line (this thingie in the pic is a powder in a stick form) at Plaza.
But I love the drawings in the background. Good old Barbie!