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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Street markets are pretty too.

I went for another picnic today, since sales started today and we spent all morning in busy shops.
In our way to the park, we encountered a street market full of antique stuff. From pattern books for making dresses to glasses and from bracelets to cameos.
I took lots of pics, so I'll let them do the talk. Click on any of them to see them bigger.

Look at all those analog cameras! I fell in love! And the old man selling them said they all worked.
They were 50-60€, being 120€ the one on the right. I'm coming for you all as soon as I can!

It was so nice at the park, under the shadow of a couple of trees, with a group of people playing acoustic songs from Ketama and Peret and flamenco versions of classical music. I wish I could do that everyday!

Barcelona this morning. So hot, but I love this city too much!

Sales started today, and I got my hands full of things! Everything was half prize!
So expect a very big clothes post tomorrow. With lots of drawings too :D (that also means the post will come late... ahah)