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Friday, May 7, 2010

Lomography and fish-cameras

Urban outfitters and Lomography are organizing a design contest!
The task is to design an eyefish camara

See the bases here

Lomography is widely recognized for bringing back the magic analogic cameras have. They even sell film! I'm sure, even if you don't know what lomography is, you know what a Holga or a Diana is, at least I'm sure you've heard about them somewhere.

I don't own any of his cute cameras, what I do own is a super sweet necklace a friend of mine made for me as a birthday present, since she knows I really want one!

So, with the intention of wining my first one I'm participating in the contest. You can win a fisheye camera! (I just wish it'd come with a framework so I could take pictures underwater).

Well, here's what should be my entry, it's just, I made two. The bases don't say there's a limit, but just to be safe, I'll send both and tell them which one I prefer in case it's one entry per person.
And I'd like you all to help me choose!
I used my own drawings (oviously) for the designs, further more, they are all drawings I already posted here. So please, chose the one you like the most!
(just click to see them bigger)

I'm a bit worried boys may not like the pink version, but I really like how the colors combine... (it's barbie-color inspierd! from this post)

Althought I think I like the deer camera more... indecision! help me!


さらまり said...

Oh those kind of camera are indeed so neat! What a nice contest.

I think both are really lovely, and I personally like the pink and yellow one. But I think the deer design has that special touch that would propel it further.

Good luck in the contest!

Pieces of life said...

If you read the terms and conditions... you'll notice that the 4th one says "one entry per person"... so you do have to choose one. But I agree with you, the second one (deer one) looks really nice and it represents you in a way (I would guess you have a special attraction to them?)
And thanks for the contest info! I might participate myself! Good luck :)

Sasa said...

Saramari- I'm glad you like both x3
I suppose I'll send the second one, everyone likes it more! (me included XD)
aww thanks!

Pieces of life- my bad, I can't read! Thanks for telling me.
I'll definetely send the deer one XD since everyone thinks it's the best option.
Great! I'd love to see your design if you end up participatin!

genie espinosa said...

la de los bambiiiiiis!! SEGURISIMO!!!

Bianca said...

the deer was is too cute! i love it good luck!

Sasa said...

Genie-iasta enviado! <3 Bambis bambis!
ojala em toqui! regalen 500 lerus per urban outfitters i tambe la camara amb el teu disseny! ;A;

Bianca- thank you so much! Actually I love drawing deers so I'm glad everyone likes it!

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

to be honest i really like the both colors together !!! and the idea!!!
i choose pink/grey/black for my lomo design but yeah i forgot to worried about rules!

Sasa said...

hahh thank you so much! this is such a compliment coming from someone who draws so well!♥

grey+any colors is a great combination! I love grey <3

And yay for pink! x3