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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Barbie once stole my heart

PetSugar just posted about some 80s Barbie comics by marvel and that reminded me of that old agenda I have.

It's an agenda (in spanish) where your friends can write down their personal info, like name, phone number, what they like/hate, name of their pet, memories with you, etc. There's also a spot where you can attach a picture.
The book was edited in 1998 but I don't really know the date of the drawings. The ilustrator is Liliane Crismer.

Also, these pictures have low resolution, I've added a .rar file at the end of the post so you can download it in 300dpi res in case you want to print them, make graphics or whatever.
Hope you like it!

Download link
Not much thought, just 7 pages...


PetSugar said...

omg i love it!!!! the pictures fo her are awesome!!! wow it reminds me of better times.

Riechan said...

these are wonderful! much better than the drawing they use of her nowadays.

さらまり said...

Oh so cute! I loved how Barbie looked from 1987 to 1995 or so. Too bad she can't be so cute now, since cute doesn't seem to appeal to girls today.

Noncsika said...

ahhh que mona! he guardado todas las paginas ;u; me encantan~

Sasa said...

PetSugar-I remember once when I was like... 11 yo maybe? I was ina store (more like a supermarket), don't remember where, and I was standing in the middle of a corridor full of Barbie goodies... I remember it now and it's heaven.

Riechan- I think so too! ;A;

Saramari- Me too! I don't get why 11yo girls whant to look sexy, cute gives you a lot more possibilities!

Noncsika- Pues bájatelas desde el link de megaupload, estan mas grandes alli!

Andy Zamora & Daniela Wolf said...

Hola! nada que me he topado de casualidad con tu blog y he visto la última entrada, pero no me dejaba comentarte ahi. Era para decirte que he visto en zara un mono cortito azul marino con estampado de gatitos blancos, a lo miu miu, por si te interesaba ;)

Sasa said...

Vaya, gracias!
que raro lo de los comentarios...ya mirare!
Gracias por el chivatazo! heh a ver si paso algun dia y me fijo! aunque tal y como esta mi economia dudo que pille muchas cosas mas XD

makoto said...

hermosisimo!!! millon de gracas por poner estoo ; _ ;

-atte babypanda (

Sasa said...

makoto- mil de nadas! Me alegra que te haya gustado XD