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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Miumiu and true love

One brand I love is Miumiu, Miuccia Prada's own bran.
More or less, I've always known about it, but only became really conscious of it when 5magazine came out and Patricia Conde was wearing a dress from them.

First time I saw something from this brand was that wonderful two-colored brown shoes.
I think I looked for more info about it (or just pictures) but couldn't find anything interesting (I suppose I wasn't that focused on my search).

But this fall's collection captivated me (ok, this is just a cheap excuse to post some pictures of it XD).
Some of my favorites. (you'll notice I prefer dresses/skirts over pants, being the second picture definetely my fav above all).

And these will be mine someday, even if I'm old and I don't like shoes anymore...

But even if they say Miumiu's the cheap sister of Prada, that isn't exactly true (sadly) so I have to find substitutes, like these Blanco shorts (they look like a skirt, but they're not!) I got two weeks ago (21€!)
Usually, I hate it when brands copy other brands, but not so much when it is cheaper brands who copy the expensive ones. There's a true "need" for it (at least on my side).

Close-up of the fabric and Miumiu's skirt

"Vintage" buttons

I can't wait for summer to come so I can wear them!
What's the most Miumiu-like stuff you ever found/bought?


Noncsika said...

tengo el cuello de gatos de miu miu y el vestido de gatos de zara ($40 ^u^) pero ahora que veo estos pantalones creo que voy mandar mi novio en madrid a comprarmelos! xD

Sasa said...

Noncsika- lo vi, lo vi! XD y me dio mucha envidia el cuello! (aunque yo tambien pasaria hambre durante una semana si con eso consiguiera comprármelos, pero ni con esas XD)

eso eso, tu mandalo, que te los compre, porque son super bonitos! Y si no los ve en Madrid, que se pase por Barcelona que aqui seguro que aun quedan XD
Y son de talle alto, asi que parecen más marineritos aun x3

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

yeeee i'm a huge fan of miu miu... i only got a wallet from this beautiful brand...:/

Sasa said...

aww I have absolutely nothing! hah I should save some money so I could get atleast something little!