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Monday, May 31, 2010

Latest purchases, cleaning day and something about my dad's birthday

Some purchases I made today, I wanted a couple of things from Blanco and since I found a 20% discount code two days ago, I decided it was time to go.
The purse I've been looking for days wasn't there, so instead I got this skirt. Looks like something LizLisa would do, doesn't it! Plus, it came with the (brown) belt.

New bikini! I don't really need one, but I fell in love with this one's print. So since I had the 20% discount code, I got it! It was pretty cheap anyways so...

Close-up of the print because I like it lots!

Then I went to the art supply shop and got all this.

Canson paper, I love to draw on canson paper! In fact, the bookmarks for the giveaway are drawn in canson paper.
White acrylic paint (run out of it! and it's a vital "color" for me!)
And last but not least, a canvas. My dad's bd is in a couple of months, and he's been asking me to paint something for him for quite a while now. This is just the right time! haha.

And I'm pretty broke, so I here and now promise I won't window shop anymore, since that makes me spend *compulsive buyer* D: and I don't have anymore money to spend!

Lastly, my colection of neckleaces (I don't wear them often, so I don't really have many).
This board was full of papers and random shit. I went berserk yesterday and cleaned it.

1-Hindu/indian/don't-really-know hand I got from my mom's friend a long time ago.
2-Turtle pendant my friend bought me from his trip to Puntacana.
3-Ribbon necklace from H&M.
4-Holga necklace my friends made for my birthday Better pic here.
5-Barbie pendant I got thousand of years ago when I was a Barbie fanclub member.
6-Two hearts necklace I made.
7-Ai Otsuka's Love bunny a friend got me in Budapest giveaway :D
10-Shu-shu I made from scrap clothes. With a clown print.
11-Another big clip. Black this time. I think I stole both clips from my sis... Anyways, she hasn't said anything about them yet, so I think I'm safe.
12-Super amazing indian-inspired elephant necklace! Got lots of compliments when I wore it for the first time the other day!
13-Super old black shu-shu.
14-Super normal black band.
15-Paper where I've written all the plants I want.
16-Paper where I've drawn a few clothes of mine. Just because I like them I suppose.
17-Random mask I got somewhere. But I think it's pretty just hanging on there.

That's it for today!