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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enter the giveaway!

So finally, here it is! The long awaited (really?) giveaway!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, this is the first part of a bigger giveaway. My plans were just to make one big giveaway, but since things didn'tgo as planned and the original one had to be postponed to next month or so (so much to get ready!) I wanted to do this.

This little one is because I wanted to celebrate this blog's almost-two-months old birthday and say thank you to all the people who makes me want to keep on going! *tear*

One could say it's too early, but I'm just really glad people likes this place and I'm super grateful to all the people who takes their time to comment and share their thoughts on what I post. I know it's cliché, but I'm glad so many people is interested in my blog♥

Now, onto the guidelines (I don't really like to say rules D:)

-You need to be a follower c: (ahaha surprise), well not really, but it'd be nice. You can either choose Bloglovin', google friend connect, feedburner thing,...

-Post about the giveaway in your blog 8D with a link back to this entry. You can use any of the pictures posted here.

-Comment in this entry with your mail and the link to the entry in your blog talking about the giveaway. Also, leave a funny comment to let me know you want to enter the giveaway.

Also, extra points for any other new way to promote the giveaway: facebook, twitter,...

You’ll be assigned as many “tickets” (will be a number) as ways you chose to promote the giveaway and the winner will be decided using this.

And here's what you can win! Tachaan!
(I know this is not what you could have guessed from the few hints I've left... haha those were for the second giveaway!)

Hand-made (by me) moko-moko shu-shu with a detachable lace ribbon.
So Mori!
5 stickers. All my original drawings. Some seen here previously on my blog.

2 originial, hand-drawn book marks made by me :D
8 kawaii notebook sheets

All together now!
International entries are accepted.
Giveaway ends on June 6 17pm (GMT+1).
Winner will be announced in a blog entry and contacted by email too.
Any questions? Feel free to ask!
Good luck everyone!