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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Isn't she lovely giveaway

There were some big news I was talking about in my last post, and that is *drum roll* that I'm moving to Australia for the next 7 monts!
And I'm doing that tomorrow. I know it's a sudden announcement but this last few days have been crazy busy.

Plus, 4 months ago was this blog's first anniversary! Congratulations to Moko moko!
With 190+ followers, 137 posts and lots of great people I got to know thanks to blogging.

All that deserves....

...a giveaway!

The prize is a secret, but I can tell you already it is mori-related.

I will announce the yummy things you'll get once I've settled down, but for now, you can enter the giveaway the usual way:

-You need to be a follower+leave a comment with your email.
-Extra points: promote the giveaway (twitter+1p; facebook +1p; blogpost +1p; etc)
     You can wait until I post more info about it to start promoting the giveaway, then comment again with links.

See you on Sept. 1st! (hopefully!)