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Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to find the perfect dress.

Hi there guys!
I know I've been away for more than it's usual from me, but if you follow me on twitter, you might know already that I got a job two weeks ago (the time I stopped posting).
That's great news but at the same time, the job is eating up all my time (although I'm enjoying it as much as I can since I'm learning lots!), and when I'm not there, I'm at school, so when I get home I'm really tired and can't get my brain to function, even though I have lots of posts on the queue and in my head.
I also have lots of coordinates drawn, ready to be scanned/edited and posted. But those all will have to wait until I'm used to my new schedule.

All that said (phew, sorry!) I didn't want to end the year without wishing you all a Happy New Year (and a belated merry Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate in your house, if you do at all).

So, what are you all doing to celebrate the end of the year? Any big list of wishes for next year?

I'm going to a party tomorrow night after midnight, and this in the card are the colors I plan on wearing!
I know someone is trying to make it a twenties-themed party, so I'll try my best to find the perfect dress tomorrow! I have less than 24 hours and I work tomorrow morning... help!
I already got the perfect shoes three days ago and then I'll only need some make-up and everything will be ready!
That reminds me, I have lots of new clothes to post! There's no end to all the things I need to post about. But I don't have the time to!