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Friday, November 19, 2010

London coordinate catch up. Streetsnap edition.

You thought my London posts were over? HA! Naive readers... haha
3 months later I still have things left to talk about from London. Really. Still one or two posts more after this one.
The truth is, I wanted to post about cupcakes today, but I can't find the pictures anywhere... so I'll leave that for another day and make up for not doing last Friday's Coordinate catch up.

Remember to click on any picture to see it bigger!

My outfit for the day. Part of.

Mako and I became some kind of stalkers because of that girl. She was so cute! And look at that tiny hat! haha

Hi there Christina!

This lady's knitted jumper was so sweet! What a pitty I couldn't take a better pic of it.

Pants pants pants pants skirt skirt skirt skirt.

And this is Kelly♥ She is one of the girls I was staying with in London. And she's super cute.

Disclaimer: All the pics were taken at the Notting Hill carnival (except the last one), since it was less obvious I was taking pics of people. I'm kinda shy to ask people to take their pictures out of the blue XD