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Friday, November 12, 2010

Coordinate catch up #4

So, as promised, coordinate catch up is back this Friday!
I thought about posting one coordinate per day as I wear/draw them, but then I realized that would be even harder to do haha so I'll stick to the catch up.

I was meeting with a friend I made while in London. I wanted to take her to a café/tea/cake shop with super yummy cupcakes, but the shop was full of people (there isn't much space either), so we ended up in a random café.
Anyways, I was wearing my pink knit sweater my grandma made years ago, that is super cute btw. I'll have to make a post about all the pretty things I got at my grandma's last time I visited her♥

It was my cousin's birthday (he's 4yo already♥) so, Bershka stripe shirt+H&M patch pants+Blanco flats+Primark militar-ish jacket I got in Manchester last year♥

School outfit. And I wanted to wear my new shoes (Blanco+half price=pretty pumps for 13€) so since it was a short trip, I wore them to school.

Halloween special!

I dressed up as a "Kindergarten girl who killed her parents and now is traumatized because she realized there's no one left to wash her pretty clothes". Yup, long name, I know. But it was a last minute costume made out from 10-years-ago-costume.

Also, I've been thinking about cutting my hair. There's a strange curse going on that isn't letting my hair grow past my shoulders. Which will result in me not getting the Blue lagoon look I want *tear*.

So, since I'm a drastic solution person, I'll cut my hair. As short as I can (while still looking cute).
Now my hair's two toned (yup, in that trendy two-toned way, and that wasn't even on purpose!), but i don't want to dye it again, I want the healthies ever hair. So I'll be left with a brownish hair.

I'll use my camomille trick to lighten it. But I need the help of sun for that, and it couldn't be cloudier arround here... I'll have to wait a few months (at least until March) so I can use the camomille magic.