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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miu miu SS 2011 - Ready to wear show

I've been meaning to post this since the Miu miu spring 2011 show a few weeks ago, but drawing and editing takes its time and I didn't finish this until yesterday! And I'm glad it took that much time, because my view on the collection changed a bit since I first saw it. So here are my thoughts on it.

I'm not completely in love with it, but I like it more since the first time.
Yes, the jackets are still awkward and the dresses don't look flattering even in small bodies, but now that I'm used to the collection, everything looks more pretty now.
And the shoes aren't that bad.

Four of my favorite looks from the collection. I really liked the third coordinate, including the shoes. Specially the neck of the shirt.
What I didn't like very much were most of the skirts. Too straight and didn't move with the model's body (not all of the skirts did that, luckily).

One thing that stood out while watching the show was how similar are some motifs to Irregular Choice's designs, mainly the stars.
The bags remind me greatly of Victor Horta/Hector Guimard's Modernism. Not all of them, there are some horrible bags thrown into the collection, but a few of them do.
This is not one of the ugly bags, for example.

Also, the loved-by-everyone swam dress and the snake dress remind me of Aubrey Beardsley's drawings. Yup, as I was saying, hello modernism (flowers everywhere too).
Third look, a skirt that looked good, and one of my favorites. Jacked included.
I'd really like to see someone on the streets wearing one of those awkward jackets. They are pretty but the shape is too weird. Like if the person wearing it was an american football player.

Some of the dresses made the models look like they were wearing plastic bags, not very flattering. On the other side, dresses like the swam ones were loose, which looked good.

What I love from the dresses is how, by using the belt, it makes the body shape stand out, and actually showing some shape, even if the models are so thin they have almost no curves. But I think that is a nice contrast. Straight forms are nice, but a bit of shape is pretty too.

Shoes on a close note.
But I'm in love with the shoes, I ought to confess. The color choice may not be the best at times, but putting that aside, I've come to like them a lot. In fact, shoes were the first thing I came to like from this collection.
Again, something that could came from an Irregular Choice shop, but that's something I don't really mind at all (any other IC fan out there?)

Ok, I have to admit defeat. After drawing them, and having to stare at them for a long while, I can say I love them.
Find them all here.

Clutches, are you sure they are?

If you look at how models hold the bags, you think they're clutches, don't you?
I like them, a lot. I went from "ergh!" to "I want this and this and this. And I don't like this color but I want it too". But maybe they're too big to just hold them all the time.
Even more if you're like me, whose purse gets full even when going out for a couple of minutes.

Seeing how long the straps are, you might even be able to hand them on your shoulder? That would be great.

All the bags from the show here.

And following, the video for the whole show.
The lightning is not the best, and maybe the whole ambience is a bit depressing, but anyways, it's worth watching it.

All the models were walking so awkward... nothing strange seeing how tall the heels were, but still, it looked weird. Distracted me at times.
Loved the make up, though. Nothing complex, but stunning. Cute.

You know those times when you dress, not thinking about how others see you, instead you dress up just for yourself, thinking about that movie you saw last weekend that you liked so much and that left a big impression on you, and then you go to a party dressed like that not giving a shit about the world? Well, that's the impression this collection gives me.

Now, your thoughts on it?