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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My shop in the etsy treasury! And Yesstyle, drawn.

Prettyvisage on Etsy recently featured me in a treasury full of pretty new sellers on Etsy (less than 20 sales).

Here you'll find the whole treasury, and there you can see my strawberry sneakers! (up for sale still c:)
This is so exciting! haha My first time getting featured anywhere!

Edit: Also got featured in this Listing called Barcelona is fun. Great!

I'm working on a couple of new sneakers (bows and dots included), so watch out for that!
And I'm open for comissions, so if you're interested but can't find your size/something you really like, don't hesitate to send me an email c:

Sneaky preview!

Plus, if you're as in love with Yesstyle as I am, you'll be delighted to hear they have free shipping on orders above 50$!! Offer ends on October 3rd, so hurry if you want to use this offer!

So, time for another selection! Most probably mori-key inspired, as you can expect! hehe
Really, Yesstyle is a great source of sweet/mori/girly clothes. And I love/hate them for that! ♥
Every link opens in a new window, so feel free to click on them.

Lace, chiffon, soft colors... what else can I ask for?

Knitted hearts. In white. Awawawa

Fluffy and looks so comfortable. And pastels colors are love.

This is just amazing, great, so cool. You've gotta see it worn.

Flowers flowers flowers! I can't get over them ♥

Lace. Trim. Mini. Skirt. Plus, it's on sale. No more words needed.

Just, how awesome are those pants? And they're not as atrocious as they look in my drawing!

There are supposedly flower leggins, but they have more kinds of patterns.

I don't think I'd ever wear these, but I thought they were cute!

Hahah surprise! I couldn't leave a post without a few drawings!