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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pingg invitation cards

Today, I've got some great news to share!

I recently created an account on Pingg, a site where you can send free cards to your friends, family, ...
It's a nice way to send a birthday card, an invitation to an event or whatever you want to send, since you can choose from a big variety of cards, since there are a lot of artists over there.

It's free for the users to enjoy, and they only charge you when you upgrade to get special features. Everything's clearly explained on the site.

You probably recognized a few of my drawings, since they've been posted here at one time or another.
And now you can send them, for free, to anyone you want! haha I hope someone gets as excited as me about this!

Artists get money when their designs are used the most, so please people, use this free chance to send birthday wishes, party invitations, event details, or whatever, to anyone you know!
You can access my cards from here. I hope you like them!

I can even take criticism and ideas from you, so don't be afraid to tell me what you think about them c:
And if you decide to use it, but can't find an appropiate card, I can even take requests from people, so you can have a nice and matching-to-your-event card.

I'll keep you all updated with all the new designs I'll be adding from time to time.

Edit, and i forgot to say, I put a link in the sidebar (the blue banner), so you can go back to the cards anytime you want c:

There has been quite a few people that have been encouraging me and my art and I really appreciate all your nice words. Thanks so much for all your support!