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Monday, August 2, 2010

My first Spoon

Spoon is a cute, girly magazine I started reading not too long ago. It's fresh, calm and has a lot of cute, amusing and pretty pics and articles (yes, it's not just a fashion magazine).
It also offers a different kind of fashion from what we're used to see (say, loli, mori, punk, ...). It's pretty more casual and simple, but still in the weird way (for non-used-to-it western people). But still, I really like it.

Mayuko got August issue for me. I was so happy when I opened the present! I couldn't believe it! Thank you so much Mayuko
She also got me a super cute lace headband I'll show you some day~

This is Emily temple cute's fall catalogue featured in this issue. So many cute things together!
I speciall like these first two dresses and the yellow dotted tights.

And look at those heels in the last pic. Aren't those cute! I love the tip ♥ so round! And they look pretty comfortable actually.
And guess who's sporting those pumps in her last concert? HA! As if you didn't know already XD

These really look cute, I already had an eye for them even before seeing that pic. This way I know I'm not MEG-biased.

In this issue they also feature a cat-train, with all its cat related goodies. Pretty cute

And a sweet guide to Tokio pastisseries and desert shops. Nice reference if you're there, and nice pics if you like food photography.

And a few shots of an editorial called Holiday in the park. There's another one in the magazine, with super sweet pictures (see cover) but I'll leave all that for another post, since the photographer herself deserves it.

Aren't these super pretty!

So, what is your favorite magazine? It doesn't need to be a fashion one c: I always like to hear about new things!